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2 Franco Grignani exhibitions at the Estorick Collection and M&L Fine Art on Bond Street
Sands Films The Good Soldier Schwejk shooting 2017, by BAFTA winning Oscar nominee Christine Edzard (2017)
Gebler Tooth Architects best known for Shoreditch House and the Electric Cinema in Portobello Road (2017)
Luxologie High specification bespoke residential lighting (2017)
Laura Ellen Bacon Sculpture & Installations (2016)
Jane Mulvagh Historian and Lecturer, London (2016)
Lucinda Rogers Fine Art, at L'Escargot Soho & Rook Lane, Frome (2016)
Sydenham Arts Festivals London SE26 (2016)
Martha Beaumont at Delahunty Fine Art Bruton Street Mayfair (2015)
Lilliput & Felix Luxury Swimwear, London (2015)
Daniel Reynolds Ceramics & Sculpture, London (2015)
Shani Rhys James MBE at Connaught Brown London (2015)
Jan Flook Lighting Bespoke Lighting and Collections, Victoria, Australia (2015)
Tania Thune-Larsen Fine Art Photographer, St Paul, France (ongoing)
DOMO BAAL Gallery Marcel Dinahet French text translation (2015)
Charlotte Metcalf Films Schoolgirl Killer/Difret Film (2014)
Adrift in Soho, British independent film (2014)
Salisbury Museum Cecil Beaton, Turner's Wessex, Archaeology (2013-2014)
Christopher Boots Architectural Lighting, Melbourne Australia (2013-2015)
Christopher Kennedy Photoluminism, Philadelphia USA (2014)
Lalage Beaumont Semi-­-couture fashion, 2 stores in central London (2014)
Martha Fiennes Sloimage Film/Art Project (2013)
Point of View Design Lighting Design, Syd/Melb, Australia (2012-2013)
Klik Systems architectural lighting, Sydney, Australia (2011-2013)
• WALTERWORKs by Walter Raes, Recycled furniture/art, London
Ascher Studio Textiles, fashion, art, NY/London (2010-2011)
Archangel Hotel Bar and Restaurant in Frome, Somerset (2010)
Bruce Munro Installation Art, Sculpture, Lighting Design, Wiltshire (2008-2012)
Fustic House Private Estate, Barbados (2008-2012)
Cameron Peters Fine Lighting Oxfordshire, UK (2004-2008)

♦ TWITTER ACCOUNTS since January 2010
• Bruce Munro (Light Art): Initiated BM’s Twitter account and ran it for 4 years from March 2010.
• Archangel, Frome: Blog and Tweets during building works, opening and first months.
• Ascher Studio (NYC / UK): Tweets supporting the re-launch of the Artist’s Scarves and Pop Up on Brompton Rd, SW7.
• Fustic House Estate, Barbados: Tweets to promote the private estate to the luxury rentals market. May 2011
• Klik Systems: Tweets for products and special projects Luminous in Sydney and Carrum Foreshore boardwalk.
SHORT TWEETS (roughly 3 months)
• Cecil Beaton at Home – Salisbury Museum
• The Associates of Newnham College, Cambridge University
• Walter Raes – recycle artist and designer
• POV Lighting Design Sydney/Melbourne Australia
• Lalage Beaumont London fashion designer
• Wessex Gallery at Salisbury Museum –archeology museum in Wiltshire
• Christopher Kennedy – artist and photographer
• Akenfield Film - a campaign for the re-mastering of Sir Peter Hall’s 1974 film
• 3 x Tweets for Claude Communications
• Tweets for Blue Biro Gallery
• Tweets for Jenny Wilhide journalism

Prince Dimitri Fine Jewellery at Partridges Fine Art, London | Rick Owens Furniture 'Evolution' at Sebastian + Barquet London | Windfall GMBH Contemporary crystal chandeliers, Munich | Baldwin Guggisberg Art Glass, Paris | OYLight Lighting, Milan under Zumtobel parent, Germany | Gayle Warwick Fine Linen at Thomas Goode London | Ombre Portée Lighting, Paris | Mootich Shoes, Elizabeth Street, London | Jane Brown Shoes, London | La Lucarne Aux Chouettes, Auberge, Burgundy, France | FRED Paris haute bijouterie (LVMH brand) | RUFFIAN Fashion, New York in London | BARROW & GALE Fine Leather since 1750, London