All About Social Media

Jenny Hall began Tweeting in 2009 and instantly fell in love with it. Since then she has run nearly 40 Twitter accounts for clients, with enormous success and sometimes unexpectedly direct results.

Twitter is invaluable for growing supporters, followers, interest, potential customers, audience and clients. And, never forget, Twitter is great fun!

Instagram is beautiful, less commercial and very friendly. Beautiful pictures help to build trust in your brand or service.

Are you soon to open a hotel or restaurant, and want everyone to know about it from here to Timbuktu and even take bookings months before the day of opening? You need Twitter. Are you a museum or gallery, soon to take part in a large international art-fair? You need Twitter and Instagram. Are you a designer using fine craftsmanship to create one-off bespoke pieces of amazing beauty? You need Twitter and Instagram.

Social Media (despite POTUS 45 and various trolls), is a remarkably beautiful tool for spreading a message around the world at the speed of light, in a friendly, gracious, funny and interesting way.

Jenny's personal Twitter account has 1,241 Followers
Tweeting sporadically as Jenny Wilhide she has 775 Followers
Claude Communications' 3 accounts have total 2,082 Followers
Total = 4,098

This is a relatively small number because, naturally, she spends more time and effort running accounts for others.

a full list of Social Media clients and related data can be provided on request.